Bitumen Sprayers

  1. Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer

    Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer is utilized after laying of roads, highway, or bridges to assure their long lasting life. It is required for uniformly coating a layer of hot viscous liquid to provide extra strength to the surface. Bitumen act as a gluing agent with the road to prevent coming out of stones even during heavy traffic conditions. This sprayer can easily be mounted at the back of a tractor or truck for its easy application.
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  2. Asphalt Bitumen Sprayer

    Asphalt Bitumen Sprayer consists of a tank, heater, pump, air compressor, engine, return & transfer lines, spray bar, and a cleaning system. It is vehicle mounted equipment which is used in construction sector and is ideal for numerous municipal applications. This sprayer is utilized for applying a layer of hot liquid binding agent on the newly made roads to increase their life & the ability to withstand different environmental conditions.
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  3. Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

    Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is required for track coat application during construction of flyovers, bus terminal runways, and highways. It consists of twin cylindered air compressor, pneumatically operated nozzle for spray bar controlling, air cooled diesel engine driving unit, and a fully insulated tank with a heating system. This sprayer is highly appreciated for its uniform spraying and smoothening of the road surface.
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  4. Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

    Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is ideal for small construction works including residential societies, repairing of roads & streets. It is comprised of a metal made painted tank installed on a trolley, pump & engine for drawing the fluid out, and a hinge for connecting to the corresponding hook on the required vehicle. This sprayer is used manually for coating hot asphalt on the surface for enhancing road’s performance.
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  5. Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

    Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is generally utilized for long distance construction of roads including highways, flyovers, and corporate parks. It is required after the completion of project to give it a final touch and durable nature. This sprayer is comprised of a tank having large volumetric capacity which is needed for storing liquid bitumen, a heating assembly for maintaining the constant temperature, pumping unit, and pipes fitted with spraying nozzles.
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  6. Apollo Bitumen Sprayer

    Apollo Bitumen Sprayer is a heavy duty construction vehicle which is ideal for long term projects. It is required for applying a coat of a hot gluing agent known as bitumen which is necessary to hold the aggregates together laid on the road. This sprayer is manufactured by combining different assemblies including air compressor, pneumatically operated nozzle for spray bar controlling, air cooled diesel engine driving unit, and a fully insulated tank with a heating system.
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  7. Tractor Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

    Tractor Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is simple, cost effective, and sturdy equipment utilized for small road construction & repairing works. It is used by connecting it to the back of tractor with the help of provided hinge. This sprayer is required as a finishing instrument to give a final touch to the streets. It is also comprised of a fuel efficient engine and pumping assembly for drawing the desired amount of bitumen from the tank for its application.
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  8. Bitumen Sprayer With Road Dust Cleaner

    Bitumen Sprayer With Road Dust Cleaner is a multipurpose mobile equipment which is ideal for cleaning as well as coat application. It is manufactured having dust cleaner, storage tank, bitumen pump, auxiliary engine, tank mounting, an air compressor, variable spray bar, and a heating system. This sprayer with cleaner eliminates the need for prior removal of dust for applying asphalt coat, as it can perform both simultaneously.
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